Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download my kits after purchase?

After completion of the purchase of your kits, you will receive a download button on the order completion page. You will also receive a download link in the email you provided at checkout, and be able to see your past orders and downloads avaliable in your "My Account" section of the website.

Are the sounds in these kits royalty free?

All compositions (loops, midis, etc.) included in the kits on this website are royalty free for selling beats online (leases, exclusives, SoundCloud, etc.). You are not required to credit anyone or split profits, but it is appreciated. One Shots and VST Presets are 100% royalty free. If any compositions are used by a major artist and/or an artist on a major label, you must first clear it with Based1. Visit the contact page or reach out to for clearance. If you're unsure whether or not you need to clear the sounds you used, feel free to reach out.

Are these sounds compatible with my DAW?

Yes. All of the sounds in these kits can be used in any Digital Audio Workstation of your choice.* (e.g. FL Studio, Ableton, Logic, Reason, etc.) In order to use the Expansion Banks, you must first have the designated VST installed on your device. (e.g. Omnisphere, Analog Lab, Effect Rack, etc.) Please contact your plugin manufacturer for any troubles with installation.

***unless otherwise specified (e.g. Templates, All in 1 Vocal VST)

Can I refund a kit after I purchase it?

Please note that due to the nature of my products being digital downloads, I do not offer refunds. Once the purchase is made and the download link is provided, it is considered a final sale. I strongly encourage you to review all product details and make an informed decision before completing your purchase. If you have any questions or concerns about a specific sound kit, please contact me via the contact section and I can assist you.

What if I purchased Based1 kits on an old website?

If you purchased any Based1 kits on previous official websites and no longer have access, these may still be honored. Please reach out via the contact tab for more information, a receipt must be included with your inquiry.

Is this website legit?

Yes, anything purchased here ( is directly from Based1. Any issues you have with retrieving your file, or any other problems you may run across can be easily solved through the contact tab. Any other website you see a Based1 kit for sale is not legit,* and will not help you solve any issues with your kit purchase. These sites are infringing copyright and illegally distributing these kits. Any purchases made on these sites will not be honored in any fashion.

**excluding sites from collaborators (e.g. Pilgrim, Slim Pharaoh)**

Security and File Protection

How are the files downloaded from your website protected?

At my website, I take the security and protection of my files very seriously. Every file downloaded from my platform is uniquely encrypted, ensuring the utmost confidentiality and preventing unauthorized access.

Can these files be traced back to the purchaser?

Absolutely. I have implemented robust tracking mechanisms that allow me to trace downloaded files back to the purchaser. Each file is embedded with a unique identifier that is tied to the specific transaction and purchaser details. This means that if any sounds or files were to be leaked online without proper authorization, I would be able to trace it back to the person who originally purchased it.

What actions can you take if any leaks occur?

In the unfortunate event that unauthorized sharing or leaks occur, I have a dedicated legal team ready to take appropriate action. I consider any unauthorized distribution or misuse of my files as a serious violation of my terms of service and copyright laws. My legal team will work diligently to protect my intellectual property rights and take necessary steps, including filing a lawsuit, to hold accountable those responsible for the unauthorized dissemination of my content.

How does this level of protection benefit me as a customer?

By implementing stringent security measures and offering traceable file downloads, I ensure that you, as a customer, can have peace of mind regarding the confidentiality and integrity of your purchased files. My commitment to protecting your investment means that I can swiftly address any unauthorized use of my content and take legal action against infringers on your behalf.

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