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Archive Bundle

Archive Bundle

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Unlock the vault of my musical journey with the exclusive Archive Bundle. This comprehensive collection features nine of my acclaimed sound kits, spanning from early 2019 to mid 2020. With a combined value of $500, this bundle is now available at an unbeatable price of only $199, offering you an incredible opportunity to access a wealth of diverse and high-quality sounds.

Inside the Archive Bundle, you'll discover a treasure trove of sonic gems. Immerse yourself in the artistry and craftsmanship of meticulously crafted drum kits, mesmerizing loop kits, a versatile one-shot kit, and a selection of inspiring MIDI kits. Each kit is a testament to my creative evolution during that period, ensuring a wide range of musical possibilities to fuel your productions.

From hard-hitting drums that pack a punch to captivating melodies that stir emotions, the Archive Bundle has it all. Immerse yourself in the rich textures and captivating rhythms, instantly elevating your tracks to professional levels. Whether you're a seasoned producer seeking new inspiration or a budding artist looking to enhance your sound, this bundle provides the essential tools to unleash your creativity.

In addition to the remarkable value and diverse range of kits, the Archive Bundle delivers an astounding quantity of over 1000 sounds, spanning across a staggering 2.4 GB of audio content. Immerse yourself in a sonic universe that knows no bounds as you explore an extensive collection of meticulously curated drums, loops, one shots, and MIDI files. With this vast array of sounds at your fingertips, the creative possibilities become virtually limitless. 

Revitalize your sound, unlock endless creative possibilities, and embark on a sonic adventure with the Archive Bundle. Seize this opportunity to enrich your music with the essence of my early work and witness the transformative power of these nine exceptional kits. Dive into the archive and shape your musical future today.

The Archive Bundle contains the following kits:

  • Euphoria (Drum Kit)
  • Toxic (Drum Kit)
  • Warfare (Drum Kit)
  • Rage (Loop Kit)
  • Sierra (Loop Kit)
  • Madness (Loop Kit)
  • Immortal (One Shot Kit)
  • React (Hihat Midi Kit)
  • Elements (Midi Kit)
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