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Based1 & Pilgrim

Black Magic (One Shot Kit) Vol. 1

Black Magic (One Shot Kit) Vol. 1

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Introducing the groundbreaking collaboration between two visionary producers, Based1 and Pilgrim, comes the legendary Black Magic One-Shot Kit. This historic collection holds a special place in the music industry, as it was the very first one-shot kit to hit the web, forever changing the game.

The Black Magic One-Shot Kit has left an indelible mark on the music world, as it continues to be a driving force behind countless chart-topping hits. Its influence can be felt across genres, with its unmistakable sound gracing the charts consistently to this day. This kit has become an essential tool for musicians, producers, and artists alike, defining the sound of modern music.

As pioneers of the one-shot kit wave, Based1 and Pilgrim have been at the forefront of innovation. Their groundbreaking approach to sound design and the creation of this monumental kit have forever shaped the music industry. The Black Magic One-Shot Kit is the first of its kind, paving the way for three subsequent volumes, each building upon the legacy of its predecessor.

With over 530 meticulously crafted one shots, this kit offers an unparalleled array of sounds, textures, and tones to fuel your creative endeavors. To enhance its versatility, the Black Magic One-Shot Kit includes 15 carefully curated samples created by both Based1 and Pilgrim, further expanding its sonic possibilities.

Notably, the kit made a resounding impact when super producer Murda Beatz incorporated its elements into the hit song "How" by Lil Baby. This song, featuring on the acclaimed Lil Baby album "My Turn", soared to record heights, solidifying the Black Magic One-Shot Kit as an integral part of its success.

Embrace the historic significance of the Black Magic One-Shot Kit and unlock a world of possibilities. Join the ranks of visionary producers and artists who have harnessed the power of this monumental kit. Step into the future of music production and make a lasting impact with every beat, every hit, and every note. The Black Magic One-Shot Kit, created by Based1 and Pilgrim, is your key to timeless music.
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