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Based1 & Pilgrim

Hidden Hills (Sample Library)

Hidden Hills (Sample Library)

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This sample library contains 20 compositions created by the highly-decorated production duo, Based1 and Pilgrim. These compositions were crafted using industry-level analog gear, resulting in a rich, warm sound that can be felt in every note. The collection features a diverse range of genres, from hip hop and trap to electronic and ambient, ensuring there's something for every producer and beatmaker to work with.

The attention to detail in these compositions is evident, with each track featuring intricate melodies, and expertly-crafted sound design. Whether you're looking to add some flavor to your beats or simply want to sample some high-quality audio, this sample library has you covered.

So if you're a producer looking to elevate your sound, don't sleep on this collection from Based1 and Pilgrim. It's an essential addition to any producer's toolkit.
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