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Based1 & Pilgrim

One Shot Bundle (Vol. 1-4)

One Shot Bundle (Vol. 1-4)

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Introducing the One-Shot Kit Bundle featuring the monumental collaborations between Based1 and Pilgrim. This exclusive collection combines their four iconic one-shot kits – Black Magic, Lotus, Mirage, and Genesis – into a single, extraordinary package that is set to revolutionize your sound and elevate your music to unparalleled heights.

The Black Magic One-Shot Kit, the historic pioneer of the series, offers over 500 meticulously crafted one shots. These vintage and unique sounds have already made their mark on the industry, finding their way into countless chart-topping hits, including "Never Sleep" by NAV, Lil Baby, and Travis Scott. Embrace the magic that started it all and infuse your music with an undeniable character.

Lotus, the highly impactful second installment, built upon the monumental impact of its predecessor. Lotus is set to revolutionize your sound once again. It presents a treasure trove of over 500 cutting-edge sounds, meticulously tuned to C. With its industry-quality selection, Lotus has already made its mark across the charts, captivating audiences worldwide. This kit has become a staple for producers, paving the way for innovative music creation.

Mirage, the third volume, introduces over 500 meticulously crafted one shots, each expertly tuned to the key of C. Its industry-standard quality has catapulted it to the forefront of modern music production. From creating captivating melodies to luscious textures, Mirage delivers a diverse range of sounds that will inspire your creativity and push the boundaries of your compositions.

Finally, Genesis, the fourth and pinnacle installment, presents over 480 industry-quality sounds that push the limits of sonic innovation. As the culmination of the series, Genesis showcases the expertise and vision of Based1 and Pilgrim. From chart-topping hits to individual sound design, Genesis empowers producers to create music that leaves a lasting impact.

This exclusive One-Shot Kit Bundle not only brings together the best of Based1 and Pilgrim's collaborations but also offers an incredible value. By purchasing this bundle, you save a significant amount compared to purchasing each kit individually. Complete your collection and unlock a world of limitless possibilities, as each one-shot kit adds its own unique flavor to your producer library.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to own the ultimate collection of industry-standard sounds. The One-Shot Kit Bundle featuring Black Magic, Lotus, Mirage, and Genesis is an essential addition to any producer's toolkit. Elevate your music, push creative boundaries, and make an indelible mark on the industry with this extraordinary bundle.
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