Venom (Serum Bank)

Venom (Serum Bank)

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Introducing the Venom Serum Bank: Ignite the New Wave Sound

Dive into the cutting-edge sound of the future with the Venom Serum Bank. This meticulously crafted collection of 50 presets, accompanied by 50 corresponding one shots, 15 custom noises, and 7 custom wavetables, is your gateway to pushing the boundaries of music and spearheading the new wave of the SoundCloud scene.

Designed specifically for producers who crave innovation and want to stay ahead of the curve, the Venom Serum Bank is the ultimate tool for shaping the sonic landscape. Each preset has been carefully designed to deliver a unique blend of captivating melodies, rich textures, and futuristic soundscapes, instantly elevating your productions to new heights.

Don't have Serum? No worries! With the inclusion of the corresponding one shots, you can still enjoy the Venom Serum Bank's captivating sounds even if you don't have the plugin. Inject these one shots into your tracks and witness how they instantly transform your sound, delivering the same striking impact as the presets themselves.

To further fuel your creativity, this kit also features 15 custom noises and 7 custom wavetables. These exclusive additions provide endless possibilities for sound manipulation, allowing you to sculpt and shape your own distinctive tones and textures that defy conventions.

The Venom Serum Bank is more than just a sound library; it's a catalyst for innovation and a catalyst for pushing the music scene forward. Whether you're producing trap, hip-hop, electronic, or any genre that demands cutting-edge sounds, this kit equips you with the tools to make your tracks stand out from the crowd.

Previews by Sharkboy, Scizzie, 637Rxss, and Me.

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